OnePlus Watch: Expensive fitness watch Review

No other device is as bright as the OnePlus Watch. A few years ago there were leaks describing the first OnePlus smartwatch that showcased Google’s Wear OS platform in an Apple Watch clone. Earlier this year, the OnePlus Health app unveiled a OnePlus watch similar to the Oppo watch. So it was a shock to see something completely different at the OnePlus launch event. Read also: OnePlus 9R goes on sale today for everyone in India – where to buy, top features and deals launch

The OnePlus watch was supposed to be released as Oppo Watch RX in a new, new sense and was later canceled. OnePlus promises to offer the smartwatch features and the overall premium experience that Apple Watch expects to get. Plus, with a starting price of Rs 14,999 (introductory), it can reach the average smartwatch. Also Read: OnePlus Watch Sales Details Announced: Mi Watch Competitor Available From April 21st

Does all this make the OnePlus watch fun? I wore a Midnight Black OnePlus watch for two weeks to find out.

OnePlus Watch Design: Premium looks

OnePlus has recently come up with solutions for security designs for its smartphones and it maintains the same mentality for its first smartwatch. The OnePlus watch is no different than the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It has a round chassis and simple silicone straps. The beard around the display has a minimal pattern (marked with GTR rating).

Despite the metal and glass construction, the OnePlus watch looks stylish and appropriate in every way – a compliment to OnePlus for getting the unisex appeal right. The pair of buttons on the right side move with the body but give a satisfying response when pressed. The bottom is made of soft plastic and the optical sensors are not like most affordable watches.

The display is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a smartwatch. The 1.39-inch AMOLED screen is bright and shiny. If you love colorful watch faces, this show is a pleasure to watch. The touch screen responds and feels fluid with well-optimized software.

Weight is where everything feels like it’s gone. The OnePlus watch weighs in at a whopping 75 grams, which means it weighs a lot and can slip around the wrist if not properly supported. I could not even wear the 46mm dial at night. The silicone strap is comfortable on the skin but it is difficult to attach with the extra strap that needs to be placed underneath. It is not difficult to comb the hair.

The OnePlus comes with a charger adapter that comes with the box and is reminiscent of the adapter you get with Amazfit and Realme watches. The clock is held together by a magnet but the POGO pins must be aligned with the clock connector to begin charging.

OnePlus Watch
Image Source: XDA

Smart stuff of OnePlus Watch

If you visit the OnePlus watch webpage, you will miss the opportunity to talk about OnePlus smart features. This is also noticeable when wearing the watch. The OnePlus Watch does everything you find in a modern smartwatch, but its intelligence is not on par with Samsung and Apple watches. Let me explain.

The RTOS-based experience is reminiscent of the Amazfit and Realme watch experience. In fact, I compared the interface of the OnePlus Watch to the Realme Watch S Pro and worked hard to find differences. I found the same style in the settings drop-down menu, notification shadow, shortcuts for basic elements, and the same style in the application menu. The icons are not different either.

I appreciate the refinement of the OnePlus software experience in wrapping text and smoothing animation. But there are times when OnePlus Watch software is easy to frame unfinished. For example, the notification shadow looks ugly and you won’t receive additional information when you open one. Email in Gmail and Outlook only shows title

WhatsApp messages can only be read if the font length is short. The software cannot display WhatsApp images. The interface does not give you options to interact with notifications, save to WhatsApp from SMS presets that you can choose from. These issues can be resolved and I hope OnePlus will resolve them in a future software update.

The watch faces were initially limited, but a recent update to the OnePlus Health app added a few more faces. Users cannot create their own watch faces, but OnePlus offers the option to smoothly customize multiple faces. You can store up to 10 watch faces at a time. The watch has a barometer and a compass. Its default timer, alarm, flashlight, and weather apps are standard too.

A brilliant feature of the OnePlus watch is the ability to make and receive calls via Bluetooth. Unlike the AmesFit and RealMe watches, you can use the wristwatch’s keyboard and microphone to go hand in hand. The loudspeaker rises loud for making calls outdoors and captures the microphone and voice clearly, if not in good condition, at arm’s length. The ability to call a number on the watch or select a list of favorite contacts comes in handy.

Another good thing here is that the clock is as a connected device in an idle state and the soundtrack does not fully channel to its speakers. However, while OnePlus remains on the watch connection with the Oppo Watch RX, you will still hear the default ringtone pattern on Oppo smartphones.

Intervention particles in OPO can also be viewed with the OnePlus Health app. The app is no different from the opposite side of Oppo, especially given the Oppo font that is commonly used throughout the interface. Laugh as much as you can about the similarities, but it works well with the OnePlus app – it’s easy to use and everything is accessible.

Whether you choose watch faces or change health monitor settings, it’s all just a swipe. Fitness data can be obtained from graphs that are easy to understand and have enough information that the average person can understand. Fitness enthusiasts may have to rely on the Google Fit app, which is integrated with the Health app.

The OnePlus watch also comes with an MP3 player that you can use to transfer music directly to wireless headphones. I transferred an old MP3 file to the watch and attached it to the OnePlus Buds Z watch; the experience was good. I should point out that it took me three minutes to transfer the song from the phone, which can only be done through the Health app. I think the watch will allow you to stream audio directly from a streaming service.

You can control your OnePlus TV directly with the clock. Unfortunately, this is the only “OnePlus Exclusive” feature on the watch. In fact, I used the OnePlus watch with the OnePlus 9R for my review period and observed no ecosystem benefits. OnePlus has no special interface for notifications, and no quick access to the clock settings from the switches. It works well with non-OnePus smartphones as well. Also, iOS devices are not yet supported.

Healthy things on OnePlus Watch

In fact, in an attempt to justify the price of a “smart” watch, its health parameters must be monitored. The OnePlus watch does just that – with regular monitoring and activity monitoring. At launch, the OnePlus Watch 110+ offers only 15 training modes, but all the popular functionalities are there. For most activities, the watch uses its optical sensor in conjunction with GPS to monitor distance.

Contrary to international reviews, the OnePlus Watch data seems to me to be stable and reliable. I mainly use the watch to monitor my daily walking sessions with the outdoor walking mode and the results are comparable to my Apple Watch SE. The number of steps is generally higher than the Apple Watch data, but the heart rate, speed and distance data are very similar. Upon completion, you will see the exact results and summary of the clock.

You can also check your activity data in the Health app. However, the latest update to the app has introduced a bug that prevents me from seeing a summary of my training. The app map tracks your location during training, but the GPS accuracy is not as accurate as the Apple Watch SE.

Health monitoring functions are also reliable. Heart rate data is very similar to what I see on my Apple Watch SE. The same is true for steps and support data. I do not have a medical grade device to test the accuracy of blood oxygen saturation data, but it consistently gave 95 to 99 percent of the data in the health range. In comparison, the Realm Watch S Pro shows wild fluctuations in data.

You can monitor the stress levels of the OnePlus watch and do something about it with breathing exercises. However, even on my lightest weekends, the clock still showed me that I had “normal” stress. It restored the same “normal” stress reading on the most stressful working days. The clock also issued consistently high heart rate alerts for the first few days; My Apple Watch did not panic.

Unfortunately, due to the bulb dimensions of the clock and the inconvenience I had while sleeping, I was unable to verify the sleep tracking feature. I suspect that no one uses a giant sleep clock to monitor it.

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