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iPhone users get two new WhatsApp features with latest update

WhatsApp has started releasing the new version 2.21.71 for its iOS version users, which brings two significant new features. These features include improving media display and modifying missing message settings. The company is gradually updating to 2.21.71 to avoid server congestion and all iOS users will receive the update in the coming days. Also read: WhatsApp working on payment information activation; To be implemented expeditiously: Report

After updating the app, users will be able to see large image and video previews, allowing them to quickly view content without having to open the media first. Second, the update will allow all group participants to change missing message processing as well as group description. Also Read OnePlus Watch: Expensive fitness watch Review

Note that only group administrators can control missing messages before, and with this update all participants in the group can change settings. However, the Update Modification Log suggests that editors have “still control” over the feature when modifying editing group information settings. This feature is now available from Android with large media previews.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

Missing messages are messages that only disappear from the chat box seven days after being sent. In addition to texting, all media using the feature will be lost to both parties after the seven-day expiration date.

The setting is disabled by default and users must enable it by groups or contacts.

To enable the Missing Messages feature, you can go to the Contact Info in the Specific Contacts or Group Information section and tap on the Missing Messages option. This will open a new window, where you can enable the feature.

The instant messaging application has released a new update for the App Store. The new WhatsApp 2.21.71 application for iOS brings two new changes for all iOS users in the stable version. The first difference is that users can easily view photos and videos without having to open them. Photo and video previews will be larger than the currently available small square previews.

Additionally, for iOS version 2.21.71, WhatsApp has expanded the ability to change default message settings. This setting is now enabled for all participants in a group instead of the administrator. However, according to the App Store change note, administrators can “control” this feature by changing the edit of group information. This update is rolled out through the App Store and all users should be able to update it quickly. You will not receive an update immediately, as this may seem like a step-by-step rollback.

WhatsApp introduced missing messages to the platform for Android, iOS, and Linux-based KIOS devices in November of last year. It is also available for Indian users. For strangers, the text sent to an individual or group chat disappears seven days after activating the lost message. This setting does not affect messages that you previously sent or received in chat before activating the missing message.

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